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September 12, 2023

 2023 Grants Announcement

 D’Addario Foundation grantee, Global Arts (Los Angeles, CA)  


The D’Addario Foundation is excited to announce one of their largest and farthest-reaching grant awards in 2023.

A total of $440,750 in monetary and product grants went to 178 music education programs in 35 U.S. states and seven countries worldwide. The programs receiving support are pillars in their communities, executing immersive and enduring music education and youth development programs. Commonly, students attend these programs multiple days per week throughout the year and continue to attend for many consecutive years during their youth. 

With a 12.1% increase in giving from 2022, a key focus for the D’Addario Foundation in 2023 was extending support to organizations outside of the US. Drawing on first-hand knowledge from individuals working at D’Addario & Co.’s international affiliate offices, The Foundation was able to understand the specific needs of music education in foreign regions and expand grant awards accordingly. As such, the D’Addario Foundation’s international support this year includes: 

“On behalf of everyone at Keys of Change USA, I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for your recent generous grant. This type of support is truly instrumental in helping us bring about change through music across the globe,” writes Panos Karan, founder of Keys of Change in Cerritos, Ecuador. “As we continue working hard to help young people in countries like Ghana, Mexico, Ecuador, India, and Japan, your assistance greatly accelerates our trajectory toward these goals.”

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