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An act of kindness by Janet D'Addario many years ago, along with inspiring work by Dr. Margaret Martin, led to the introduction with the Rita and Herbert Z. Gold Trust and the subsequent establishment of the D'Addario Foundation's College Scholarship Fund.

This scholarship is not about competition, test scores, or achievement. It’s about potential. These are kids that have fully dedicated themselves to their community music programs but still have financial obstacles in front of them. That’s where we come in. We’re helping them cover the many costs associated with college, and sticking with them through graduation. Most of these students are the first generation in their families to attend, and they don’t even have to study music. We simply want to empower them to continue to fulfill their amazing potential.

- Suzanne D’Addario


Meet The Ambassadors

Our scholarship recipients are ambassadors of our work and embody the lasting positive change that results from a robust education in music.




  • 2019 Recipients

    Angelis Lugo, Hostos Community College
    Asia Palmer, University of Hartford
    Daneyra Mejia, Villanova University
    Ethan Chrzanowski, Community College of Philadelphia
    Ivana Avila, DePauw University
    Kyle Tennyson, Florida State University
    MaryBeth Perez Castano, Brooklyn College
    Matthew Lewis, Harold Washington College
    Sophia Radford, Temple University
    Tom Cooke, Berklee College of Music

  • 2020 Recipients

    Abraham Arteaga, Northern Arizona University
    Aly Farciert, Borough of Manhattan Community College
    Amy Chen, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Daniel Espinola, California State University, Channel Islands
    George Castro, Wilbur Wright Community College
    Keith Fleming, University of Miami
    Keldy Penaranda, Stockton University
    Michael Rodriguez, University of Arizona
    Stephanie Korley, NYU

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“This is just a quick note to say how profoundly grateful we are for your thoughtfulness in creating the D'Addario scholarship program. This means so much to the 3 UpBeat students that have been awarded scholarships. We are very moved that D'Addario appreciates the fact that, while music can bring so very much into all our lives, there are very real obstacles that can prevent our students from continuing their journeys into adulthood. Your scholarship support is making a huge difference. Thank you so very much.” - Liza Austria, Founding Director, UpBeat NYC

"Coming from a city where there is a lot of poverty and public schools are underfunded, I can speak first-hand how it’s sad that so many kids do not have access to music education. Through my music program [Play On Philly] I’m seeing how much music education can change a student’s life, by giving them something to be passionate about and creating a safe space. It means a lot that foundations like the D’Addario Foundation reach out to students and give them something like music to immerse their time in, because so many of them need it." - Zora Nelson, NYU

picture of Zora Nelson

All of these young people have some kind of potential in them. And if we don’t invest in them as a nation, regardless of where they come from or what color they are, if we don’t invest in them, we lose. Imagine this talent bottled up in these kids unexplored, un-invested. There are millions of kids like this in this country who do not have the resources to become everything that they could be. And shame on us if we can’t do this better. But fortunately, these programs are doing the job that sometimes the bigger society fails to do.

- Michelle Obama


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