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Because D’Addario & Co. underwrites ALL of our operating costs, 100% of donations go directly to the programs and our cause. “How much of my donation is really going to the programs?” remains an unfortunately common refrain in the world of nonprofits. However, we can confidently say “100%” and mean it, as your trust in the organization itself is as essential to our mission as the programs we support.

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Why We Are Unique

With every life we touch, we find another reason to tell this story, and with every partnership we build, we find that we are the right people to be telling it. Together, our industry positioning and unique organizational structure allow for an agile, efficient, and impactful approach toward music education.

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Life-Altering Benefits

A commitment to supporting a diverse range of programs that address specific needs in their communities

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Now, More Than Ever

Active participation in music education advocacy

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Careful Curation

Over 40 years of the research and methodology required to make the right choices

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Integrated Philosophy

The credibility of our name makes it possible for organizations to garner other forms of support

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An affiliation with D'Addario & Co. allows for donations of critical instrument accessories such as strings, drumheads, tuners, reeds, and manuscript paper

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100% Pledge

100% of budget is dedicated to partner programs - D'Addario & Co. absorbs all of our operation and administration costs


Supporting these programs in any way helps to provide educations, helps to transform lives, and helps empower communities through music. Every program funded means countless more success stories, year after year. Become a part of the story and donate today.



Scholarship Program

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By helping pay for college, we empower the brightest individuals to become who they were always destined to be.

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You can now donate the spare change from your everyday credit or debit card purchases by joining the D’Addario Foundation’s Round-Up Program.