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From humble origins to a humbling global impact, walk through several decades of outreach and engagement to see how the scope of the D’Addario Foundation’s efforts have grown alongside its commitment to its growing community of artists and advocates.

As the foundation’s co-founder and managing director for over 20 years, Janet D’Addario was an integral partner in establishing its direction and focus on musical education in underserved communities. Every endeavor undertaken by the Foundation, past and future, is done so in the enduring spirit of her leadership and generosity. 



The D’Addario Foundation gets its start providing performance opportunities to some of the greatest emerging guitar talent through their Debuts and Premieres Series.

michael newman guitar player poster with quote from Jim Daddario
music history poster with quote from Jim Daddario


The 501c3 non-profit D'Addario Foundation for the Performing Arts is officially established.


Expanding the scope of their philanthropic endeavors to-come, the D’Addario Foundation shifts its focus beyond the performance series with a grant process for classical performance initiatives as well as not-for-profit music education.

student playing cello with quote from John Daddario Jr
students with drums with a quote from John Daddario Jr


The D'Addario Foundation broadens its mission to support non-profit music education programs in high poverty communities led by the passionate vision of John D'Addario Jr.


As school music programs are rapidly cut, the D'Addario Foundation expands its support of independent arts organizations bringing immersive music instruction and mentoring where it does not exist.

group of students playing violin with a quote from John Daddario Jr
man playing acoustic guitar with quote from John Daddario Jr


The D’Addario Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary by launching the next generation of the D’Addario Performance Series at Carnegie’s Weill Hall.


The James D’Addario Family Foundation in partnership with the D’Addario Foundation and the Harmony Program launches its own free El Sistema instrument instruction program for children on Long Island. Participants in the program attend an elementary school that has not had a string program in over 30 years and where 75% of the student body is on free or reduced lunch.

group of students holding instruments with a quote from Jim Daddario
students playing violin


The D'Addario Foundation establishes a dynamic board that helps to launch an active fundraising arm to amplify the need to support this work and build a donor base that supports expansion of our efforts.


An act of kindness by Janet D'Addario many years ago along with inspiring work by Dr. Margaret Martin led to the introduction to the Rita and Herbert Z. Gold Trust, and subsequent establishment of the D'Addario Foundation's College Scholarship Fund.

photo of Flor Retes holding a violin with a quote from scholarship recipient Flor Retes


At the D’Addario Foundation, we annually support over 200 non-profit organizations who are bringing music back into our communities and curriculums. These programs, institutions, and initiatives include a dizzying array of musical disciplines with beneficiaries from all walks of life. No matter the means, we believe that these programs enrich the lives, minds, and spirits of all who participate. 


Scholarship Program

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By helping pay for college, we empower the brightest individuals to become who they were always destined to be.

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You can now donate the spare change from your everyday credit or debit card purchases by joining the D’Addario Foundation’s Round-Up Program.