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May 9, 2023

 Q1Q2 2023 Grants Announcement

Pictured above: 2023 grantee Guitars Over Guns students


The D’Addario Foundation is thrilled to announce its grant awards for the first half of the year. $221,000 in monetary & product grants was awarded to 96 music education programs spanning across 26 U.S. states and 4 countries. 92% of those awarded are receiving renewed support, and in total an estimated 140,000 children will receive high-quality instruction & instruments. 

Among the 8% of organizations receiving support for the first time from the D'Addario Foundation is Miami Music Project, an El Sistema-inspired program operating in six South-Florida communities serving families & students of great potential & great need. In the past 6 consecutive years, 100% of high school seniors have graduated and pursued higher education, a statistic that is common in many of the programs we support.

When selecting grantee partners, we are held close to one of our core tenants: the frequency with which participants receive instruction. We base this off of a number of studies that expressly link socioemotional & neurological benefits to active participation in music; the more frequently a child can participate, the more benefits they reap. In the programs that have received grants this cycle, students are participating for 6.5 hours per week on-average, and in 25% of these programs students attend even more frequently at 10-15 hours per week. In addition to robust instrument instruction, grantee organizations support their students through mentoring, homework help, meals, and college readiness - all at little to no cost to students & their families. 

"On behalf of everyone at INTEMPO, thank you for awarding our organization a 2023 grant," says Robbin Juris, Grants Manager at INTEMPO, an organization that has received support from the D'Addario Foundation for 6 consecutive years. "We are so appreciative of the ongoing generosity the D'Addario Foundation has shown. It is always a pleasure to work with you, and we are very grateful for the foundation's financial and in-kind support. We look forward to working in common purpose with the D'Addario Foundation this year, and we are certain our students will benefit from this partnership."

The D’Addario Foundation conducts two grant cycles per year where non-profit organizations may apply for support after first submitting an initial letter of inquiry. Prospective non-profits must clearly illustrate critical elements for success including intensity & need, leadership strength, sustainability, and community commitment. To learn more about our grants, click here


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