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September 1, 2022

 Scholarship Update

(Pictured above: Zamira Castillo-Santos attending University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, studying Music Education) 


The D'Addario Foundation's College Scholarship Program currently serves four cohorts of 43 students; 35 of them being the first generation in their families to attend college. Here are some updates from a few of our scholarship recipients as they head into the fall semester of their freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior years.  


Kyle Tennyson 

(far left)

Florida State University (senior)

Studying Civil Engineering

"FSU recently restarted an honors combo under the direction of Marcus Roberts. Since it began last school year I have been placed in the honors combo at the University. I felt that I improved a lot when I got to FSU but being a part of a honors combo showed me that my progress was being noticed and acknowledged."


Daneyra Mejia

Villanova University (senior)

Studying Computer Science w/ minors in Spanish & Communication

"My second semester of junior year is one that I will never forget. I got the opportunity to travel with the Villanova Men's Basketball team for their NCAA tournament and we made it to the Final Four in New Orleans! Touring with the band was amazing and getting to do all the media work and play on one of the biggest college basketball stages was incredible."


Ivana Avila 

(second from right, bottom)

DePauw University (senior)

Studying Computer Science w/ minors in Spanish & Communication

"This previous semester was probably the most important for me during my college career. I was in Arizona studying about the border, language injustice, immigration studies, indigenous rights, and so on. We traveled to Mexico for a week long seminar with various organizations from human rights activists to LGBTQ+ rights advocates, and so on. It was truly unforgettable to learn more about indigenous history from actual indigenous peoples, specifically from Zapotec peoples. I hope to go back to Oaxaca, México and continue learning more about their histories.

I was also chosen to be in the Presidential Ambassador’s group for Fall ‘23 and was awarded many scholarships to do a research project in Italy this summer!"


Abraham Arteaga

Northern Arizona University (junior)

Studying Percussion Performance

"An achievement I am proud of is my chamber and solo development throughout this semester. I developed my four-mallet marimba technique to a new level that showed me how many new things I can do and how many more other things are possible and I need to work on. I played a piece called "Michi" by Keiko Abe and it was very inspirational and at first I thought there was no way that I could do that but after I did it and I was standing on stage receiving and applause I was very moved and proud of myself...

Thank you for your scholarship money. There would be no way that I could do this without your support."


Keldy Penaranda 

(third from left)

Stockton University (junior)

Studying Music Vocal Studies

"This past semester I was able to participate more on campus. Also being able to perform without being so afraid to is something I'm proud of."


Michael Rodriguez

University of Arizona (junior)

Studying Piano Performance with Composition Emphasis 

"My achievement that I made this past semester, was joining the Philharmonic orchestra. I pressed my way into gaining the position and created a great impression on the professor and conductors in order for them to want me back." 


Maya Valdez

University of Colorado, Denver (sophomore)

Studying Audio Production 

"This semester of college at CU Denver was very exciting for me as it had opened so many opportunities for me to delve into my passion of music and music production. I was able to learn more about music theory as well as taking a class that focused on being able to train your ear to dictate the rhythm or melody you are presented with. I also enjoyed being able to delve into my newfound passion of music production, I was able to create connections with various friends and classmates that helped me become more familiar with the use of DAWs and equipment used to record in a studio. I would say the only struggles I had this semester would be personal struggles, adjusting to different friend groups as well as learning to be away from home and missing my loved ones. But overall I was able to surround myself with a dance group that helped me let out my energy and stress in other ways and I always looked forward to seeing them."


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