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Bridging The Gap In Music Education Funding

The D’Addario Foundation Bridge Fund contributes to high-impact music education programs in predominantly black communities

Music Against Marginalization

Designed to help bridge the gap in funding that keeps music education programs out of curriculums in predominantly black communities and school districts, the D'Addario Foundation Bridge Fund is a focused initiative supporting high-impact programs that serve as an investment in black communities, black art, black voices, and black talent.

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This Is The Gap.

A gap exists between problem and solution. But on the other side is an outlet for creative expression with deep ties to community. One that fights a torrent of isolation, drop-out rates, slashed budgets through collaboration and consistent improvement.

We Can Begin To Bridge It.

All music education programs are life improvement programs, and bridging this gap in access to music education is a key tool in the fight against marginalization.

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Programs Supported

We are proud to partner with many outstanding programs that are aligned in our mission and ready to inspire.

Bridge the gap.

It’s not just about learning an instrument...
But transforming a life.



Scholarship Program

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By helping pay for college, we empower the brightest individuals to become who they were always destined to be.

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You can now donate the spare change from your everyday credit or debit card purchases by joining the D’Addario Foundation’s Round-Up Program.