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  • Does the D’Addario Foundation follow an open-grant process or is there a timeline?

    The D’Addario Foundation does not follow an open-grant process. We have two deadlines for submission: October 30th or April 30th. Please keep in mind if you are applying for support for the first time, you must first take our eligibility quiz and subsequently submit a letter of inquiry before being invited to submit a formal grant proposal. Letter of inquiries are accepted on a rolling basis.

  • When can I submit a Letter of Inquiry?

    After completing our eligibility quiz, you can submit a Letter of Inquiry at any time; LOIs received after 4/17/24 will be considered for the 10/30/24 deadline.

  • What if I am applying for support for a program that takes place over the course of the year?

    If you need funding in the beginning of the calendar year, follow the grant proposal guidelines for the October 30th deadline. If you need funding at the beginning of the academic year, follow the guidelines for the April 30th deadline. 

  • How should we submit our proposal for support?

    You can take our eligibility quiz and subsequently submit an initial letter of inquiry if you are new to the D’Addario Foundation via the Grants section on our website. If you have been formally invited to submit a full proposal, please contact us for the application link.

  • How often can I apply for a grant from the D’Addario Foundation?

    Organizations are welcome to apply for grants once every calendar year. 

  • What if I miss a deadline; are exceptions made?

    No. We ask that you make the best effort possible to submit your proposal by the end of the day on October 30th or April 30th.

  • How will I know if my proposal is received?

    Proposals submitted will receive a confirmation email in return. If you do not receive a confirmation within a reasonable amount of time, please contact us.

  • If I apply for funding and am denied, how soon can I re-apply?

    Depending on the circumstance of your denial, you may re-apply for funding in the next calendar year’s round. 

  • If I am only seeking a product donation, should I apply for a Foundation grant?

    As long as your organization fits within our mission and is a 501(c) (3) or the equivalent in your country, it is possible to receive product as a donation. Submit a letter of inquiry via the grants section on our website. 

  • Is it possible to receive product in addition to a monetary award?

    Yes. On the full grant proposal, there is a section that specifically asks if your organization has a need for a product donation in addition to a cash award. 

  • How many organizations are funded each year?

    While there is no fixed number, we average over 200 grants each year. 

  • What is the average amount given per grant?

    The average dollar amount granted is approximately $2,500. 

  • What types of things do you not fund?

    We do not fund:

    • Individuals
    • Religious, veteran, fraternal organizations
    • Telethons, benefits, or fundraisers
    • Capital campaigns, endowments, or building funds
    • Political or lobbying organizations
    • Short-term initiatives such as performances, masterclasses, festivals, workshops, concerts, summer camps, drum circles, or competitions
    • Band boosters, parent organizations, or private schools
    • Instruments, equipment, or music material requests

    If you apply for support of any of the above mentioned please be advised that you may not receive a response. 

  • Do you provide support for the purchase of instruments?

    We prefer not to provide monetary support for the purchase of instruments, although we provide in-kind donations in the form of product accessories quite often. For instrument requests, we recommend reaching out to the following organizations: Hungry for Music, Instruments in the Cloud, Todd Rundgren's Spirit of Harmony Foundation, Guitars 4 Gifts, Reverb Gives, DW Music Foundation, or the Guitar Center Music Foundation.

  • What if I have reached my funding term limit?

    Grantee organizations that have been told they’ve reached term limit may re-apply for support after a three year grace period if they continue to meet the funding objectives of the D’Addario Foundation. 

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